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estone MJ-100

Estone offering review samples of rugged tablet computer

Estone Technology is offering review samples of its ruggedized tablet computer, the industrial or field-service grade Android MJ-100 10”.

Samples of the tablet are fully functional and represent the final manufactured version of the device.

The MJ-100 is Estone Technology’s latest device intended for use in rugged industries. 

The device is offered with a wide variety of available modules and custom branding options based on specific needs.

Units are offered with varying combinations of NFC, RFID, Camera, and Barcode Reader modules.

The MJ-100 is intended for use in all types of rugged settings, including in factories and warehouses, on job floors, at construction sites, and in the field.

It can be easily carried, used in the docking station as a base PC, or even mounted and used as a tablet PC.