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Harting accelerates electric mobility offerings

German industrial giant Harting is accelerating the research and development of its electric mobility product range. 

The company will begin to showcase its offerings at high-profile trade shows.

The Harting stand at Hannover Messe will be also be presenting the “MicroSnap”, the latest vehicle concept from Swiss automotive visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht. 

The bold idea behind MicroSnap is: the quick removal and replacement of the chassis, drive – or “Skateboard” – and bodies – or “Pods”.

Together with Kuka, Harting will be presenting a corresponding robot-operated charging station for quickly recharging batteries.

HARTING-microSNAP - mobility 2 copy

A Kuka robot connects the Harting charging plug and ends the charging process when the drive battery has reached the required charge level.

This means that the vehicle is ready to use again in a very short space of time. A solution with “plenty of areas of application”, says Harting.