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Ground and Soft Robotics partner on material handling solution

Logistics automation company Ground Inc concluded a sales partnership agreement with Soft Robotics to provide the first of its “SuperPick” solution in Japan.

Soft Robotics is a startup company originating in the United States, founded mainly in 2013 by researchers at Harvard University.

The company’s “SuperPick” is to apply atypical individuals with high precision and speed like a human hand by applying technologies such as proprietary latest vision technology, algorithms, patented materials, and so on. 

Ground says the best feature of the solution is that you can grasp various things like weights, materials and shapes appropriately, like human beings, by using the material of the part picking up the object called “hand” and the vision system developed independently It is in the point where it can do.

Compared to conventional robots that require preliminary inputs of enormous amounts of data to pick up objects, “SuperPick” is designed to allow people to unconsciously grasp various objects, such as the center of gravity and materials of objects, it can judge and adjust the size automatically, and grab it with appropriate grip strength.

ground inc soft picking system

Especially in the industry that has been considered difficult to automate by robots, such as logistics center handling a wide variety of products and manufacturing site, where high expertise and precision are required for handling products, “SuperPick”, Ground is convinced “will be an epochal solution to replace hands”.