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IP Expo Manchester returns for 2019 with a look at the dark side of technology


Real Hustle’s Alexis Conran will reveal how we can protect ourselves against potential fraudsters, both in the real and the digital world

Imago Techmedia has launched IP Expo Manchester 2019, co-located at Digital Transformation Expo.

The event will showcase industry leaders and those at the forefront of technology, to encourage debate and inform attendees on the critical technological issues affecting modern business.

Returning to Manchester Central on 3-4th April, this year’s event will have a timely focus on cybersecurity. 

Despite the introduction of GDPR, the last 12 months has seen organisations suffer from some of the biggest cyber-attacks and data breaches around.

But with the regularity of cyber-attacks unlikely to change in the coming year, it has never been more important for cybersecurity to be at the forefront of discussion.

IP Expo Manchester is set to bring together cyber experts and industry leaders to help attendees better understand how they can protect their business against modern cyber threats.

One area in particular that attendees will be able to learn about is social engineering. Alexis Conran, best known for working on the BBC’s Real Hustle is set to bring his unique experience of the dark and deceptive world of hustling and con-artists to IP Expo Manchester.

On day two of the event, he will dig into the risk and security threats we face in our society, and will be providing advice on how to keep up to date with the newest scams and how they can be avoided.

Andy Steed, content director for the IP Expo Event Series, says: “As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, organisations need to be constantly evaluating new areas of innovation and solutions to protect their business.

“IP Expo Manchester will bring industry leaders and experts under one roof, each sharing experience and knowledge on how we can successfully stay prepared and protected in the wake of future attacks.

“Through the years, IP Expo Manchester has gained a stellar reputation as the best event for cloud, infrastructure and cybersecurity pros outside of London.

“This year, as well as cybersecurity, we will bring a greater focus on data analytics, AI and software development as well as IoT, all incorporated under Digital Transformation Expo.”

IP Expo Manchester 2019 will give attendees the opportunity to hear from an abundance of speakers who are at the forefront of the industry. The first speakers to be announced for 2019 include:

  • Chris Testa-O’Neill, Data Scientist at Microsoft
  • Dr Sue Black, award winning Computer Scientist, Technology Evangelist and Digital Skills Expert
  • Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insights and Futures at BT
  • Jake Moore, Security Specialist at ESET
  • Holly Grace Williams, Penetration Testing Team Leader at Sec-1
  • Graham Cluely, Security Analyst and award-winning Security-Blogger
  • Paul Fletcher, Enterprise Technology Architect at Sainsbury’s
  • Dave Lewis, Global Security Advocate for Duo Security

For further information and to register for free for IP Expo Manchester 2019, please visit: Get involved on Twitter using the #IPEXPOManchester hashtag.

IP Expo Manchester is co-located at Digital Transformation Expo. The event series also includes IP Expo Europe in London and IP Expo Nordic in Sweden.

Launched by organisers Imago Techmedia in 2015, the event now encompasses IP Expo, Cyber Security X and AI Analytics X.

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