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Continental concludes Kathrein Automotive acquisition

Continental has completed the acquisition of Kathrein Automotive GmbH, the automotive division of Rosenheim-based antenna and satellite technology manufacturer Kathrein, which makes intelligent vehicle antennas.

Potential applications range from remote access keys and navigation applications through to telematics solutions. A connected vehicle can contain over 22 installed antennas.

Continental can now offer a broad portfolio ranging from rod antennas to the Intelligent Antenna Module.

The core functions of the Intelligent Antenna Module include the integration of various V2X technologies, such as the global 5G Hybrid V2X solution, which enables communication via the cellular network as well as rapid, reliable direct data transfer.

Continental recently won its first customer project for this flexible 5G hybrid platform.

The company is incorporating all Kathrein Automotive employees and all eight locations in Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico, Portugal and the U.S..

The two firms have already brought two connectivity solutions to market together: the Intelligent Antenna Module and the multifunctional Smart Device Terminal.

The Intelligent Antenna Module replaces the single antennas that have been scattered around vehicles by combining the antennas and the accompanying electronics into one hardware module. This is said to make wiring more straightforward, reduce installation space and improve signal quality.

The multifunctional Smart Device Terminal allows drivers to integrate their digital lifestyles into their vehicles by easily and comprehensively connecting their mobile devices to their vehicles.

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