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Omron takes its ‘Factory Harmony’ exhibit to ATX West

Industrial automation company Omron has taken its interactive “Factory Harmony” exhibit to ATX West to demonstrate the factory floor of the near-future.

The company followed up its showing at the Consumer Electronics Show with an exhibit of advanced artificial intelligence, automation and robotics at ATX West 2019.

Known for its industry-leading core technology, Sensing & Control + Think, Omron will bring its new interactive Factory Harmony exhibit to ATX with a team of experts who collaborate with customers to provide customized automation solutions for factory line efficiency and business growth. 

Robb Black, president and CEO of Omron Automation Americas, says: “Our vision of the factory of the near-future was a huge success at CES 2019 and generated news coverage around the world.

“We’re excited to bring it to ATX West, where attendees can interact directly with our ‘Sensing & Control + Think’ technology and be part of the harmony Omron is creating between humans and machines through improved workplace safety, greater collaboration and higher efficiency.”

At CES 2019, Omron hosted a booth that showcased Factory Harmony and Forpheus, the world’s first AI-equipped table tennis tutor.

The Omron booth – the largest and most advanced interactive exhibit of AI, robotics and automation at CES – drew more than 22,000 attendees and retained visitors for extended periods as they engaged with the exhibits and shared their experiences widely on social media.

The Omron Factory Harmony exhibit demonstrates the manufacturing floor of the near-future, with machines that work to understand and help humans.

Those who visit the Omron booth at ATX can work in collaboration with machines and be part of an interactive product manufacturing demonstration, creating their own personalized product.

In the Factory Harmony exhibit, Omron pick and place automation demonstrates the potential for machines to manage fine detail work with speed and accuracy.

Meanwhile, Omron mobile robots create flexibility in the manufacturing line, demonstrating the ability to meet growing demands for product transfer customization without reconfiguring an entire equipment line.

Omron collaborative robots, which made their US debut in Factory Harmony at CES, serve manufacturers seeking to boost production and reduce employee fatigue by automating repetitive tasks, such as machine tending, loading and unloading, assembly, screw driving, gluing, testing or soldering.

Omron collaborative robots can easily be trained to perform almost any repetitive task in any location thanks to a manual teaching function that allows operators to teach the robot with hand-guidance without the need for software.

Omron mobile robots and collaborative robots work safely side-by-side with humans, adapting to worker needs and environmental conditions for a safer workplace.

Matt Trowbridge, vice president of marketing of Omron Automation Americas, says: “Our Factory Harmony exhibit demonstrates how humans and machines can work together to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, including flexibility and customization, traceability of products and a higher standard of worker safety.

“Our vision of Factory Harmony is a higher level of collaboration to produce ongoing improvements in productivity, efficiency, product quality and a more rewarding worker experience.”

Omron innovative automation technologies demonstrate the “three I’s” that represent the future of manufacturing – integrated, intelligent and interactive.

Omron technologies increase throughput, maximize flexibility, reduce machine dwell time, eliminate errors and improve traceability.

Omron customers benefit from improved traceability, as the company creates and implements leading technology to track and document the history, usage and location of parts, sub-assemblies, raw materials and finished products, which is critical for flexible production lines and global platforms.

Omron traceability solutions enable businesses to protect their brand, regulate compliance, increase quality control and boost process improvements.

Omron also provides manufacturers with greater flexibility. Omron safety-rated mobile robots help meet the need for mass customization and increase productivity by freeing up human employees to focus on more complex jobs.

Omron mobile robots include proprietary software and controls enabling a fleet of up to 100 robots to intelligently and safely navigate around people and unplanned obstacles in a facility without the need for expensive pre-installed routes.

Omron has an unmatched combination of expertise, products and services that enable businesses to find the best solutions to safeguard people.

In order to create and maintain the Omron vision of harmony between humans and machines, safety must remain a high priority.

Omron will demonstrate its Sensing & Control + Think technology through the Factory Harmony exhibit at the Omron booth (#5095) at ATX in Anaheim, California, from February 5-7.

Omron Sensing & Control + Think technology is the centerpiece of Omron products: it learns from interaction, improves its own performance and worker performance, boosts speed and efficiency and increases safety in the workplace.

It is the technology that enables Omron to further its mission of building the society of the near-future, solving social problems and creating jobs.

Black says: “At ATX West, our exhibit will provide an exciting opportunity for businesses to see exactly how the Omron factory floor improves traceability to increase quality control, allows for a high degree of flexibility in manufacturing lines to speed up product cycles and creates harmony between humans and machines.

“Omron factory automation is leading the industry and providing businesses with solutions to reduce downtime, increase productivity, improve safety and to build the factory floor of the near-future.”