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altan toilet robot

Toilet-cleaning robot goes on sale at Amazon for $500

Amazon is selling a portable toilet-cleaning robot for $500.

The robot, called “Giddel”, was developed by service robotics company Altan Robotech.

Altan says Giddel scrubs hard to reach places, and that its efficacy has been tested by SGS, an industrial product testing organization. 

Giddel was tested under lab conditions to clean three toilets once a week for three years. Its certifications include the CE Mark, BC, FCC, IC, ROHS, UN 38.3.

Altan says Giddel can clean a dirty toilet without getting dirty. It has an antimicrobial plastic body, and is compatible with any toilet bowl cleaner.

Giddel’s telescopic arm fits within smaller toilets, and extends to reach larger ones.

Altan says Giddel is easy to install, has a one-time set-up. It is water resistant for electrical safety, durability, and can withstand acidic conditions created by toilet bowl cleaners.