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Atoun debuts Model Y exoskeleton

Atoun Inc., a Panasonic company,  showcased two kinds of powered wear at CES 2019: Model Y that assists bending and stretching of the waist and a prototype, Himico, designed to support walking.

Since Atoun started domestic sales in Japan of Model Y in July 2018, it has been well received and the company has already secured orders for 160 units.

Atoun is now selling Model Y to overseas markets. The company is planning to expand sales to Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the future, starting with sales to ST Logistics Pte. Ltd., one of the biggest logistics companies in Singapore.

The walk-assist Himico has been proving effective in various conditions. For example, 19% assist in hill walking, up to 17.8% in climbing stairs and up to 30.7% in walking on rough terrain (sandy land in this case), achieving basic functions at practical level.

Aiming for more comfortable fitting and usability, Atoun is pursuing an assist control method, taking into individual differences such as walking posture and habits.

In addition, the company will further reduce the size and weight, with plans to start test marketing in the next fiscal year.