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ISL introduces customizable stepper motors for ‘unlimited industrial automation applications’

ISL has launched customizable stepper motors for “unlimited industrial automation applications”.

ISL is a provider of value-added manufacturing and engineering services for electronic and electromechanical components.

The company says the hybrid, permanent magnet and variable reluctance stepper motors meet the exact positioning, holding torque, and repeatability specifications of the broadest array of automation designs. 

As stepper motors employ the theory of operation for magnets to make the motor shaft turn a precise distance when a pulse of electricity is supplied, they are appropriate in a broad range of high-precision motion control designs.

ISL’s brushless stepper motors provide either rotary or linear motion and are controlled by an open-loop system (non-feedback system) to further facilitate robust, economical, repeatable, and low-maintenance operation.

ISL’s stepper motors are delivered in frame sizes ranging from NEMA 8 to NEMA 52 (20 mm – 130 mm) and feature a 1.8 degree (2-phase) step angle.

Additionally, 0.9 degree (2-phase) and 1.2 degree (3-phase) step angle configurations are available. To ensure OEM’s unique requirements are met, ISL engineers help identify the optimal stepper motor solutions for each application.

Included among ISL’s stepper motor customization capabilities are those pertaining to brake, gearhead, torque density, voltage, output speed, encoder/driver, power, current, lead screw/ball screw (linear stepper), all-in-one driver/controller, step angle, phase and pole count, lead wire/connector, shaft configuration and material.

These customizable, value-added stepper motors are commonly utilized in industrial automation, retail and vending machines, robotics, dispensing machines, 3D printers, machine tools, manufacturing equipment, conveyor and fluid control systems, automated guided vehicles (AGV), packaging, and food processing equipment.

They are also specified for ticketing, gambling, labelling, textile, and carving machinery, as well as CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines and medical devices.

Pricing for ISL’s value-added hybrid, permanent magnetic (PM) and variable reluctance stepper motors is determined based on customers’ required specifications. Samples are available upon request.