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Google extends capabilities of its Jacquard smart clothing line

Google has extended the capabilities of its Jacquard smart clothing line. 

The search giant is partnering with global clothing brand Levi’s to make jackets which can be connected to smartphones and used for notifications.

The company says that part of the clothing item has a flashing light and vibration which act as notifications when, for example, you leave your jacket in a restaurant, or when your rideshare car has arrived. 

Jacquard has been developed to work with Uber and Lyft.

As the company says: “Now you can create multiple alerts, instead of one.


“You no longer have to take out your phone to find out if your rideshare is arriving, or if you’re receiving a call – your jacket’s snap tag will quietly notify you of a call, text, rideshare arrival, or if your phone is left behind.

“Assign up to three different abilities to unique light up and vibration alerts. The world just got a lot less distracting.”

google-new-jacquard-assign copy

As well as the notification tag, Google is developing clothing material which is “smart” and connected in that will be able to monitor your health and display the data on a smartphone.

Other functions integrated into Jacquard clothes and technology, according to Google, include:

  • control music;
  • keep track of devices;
  • navigation;
  • alerts; and
  • other things.