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valeo Drive4U-Paris

Valeo demonstrates autonomous driving technologies at CES


Valeo, one of the largest suppliers of automotive technologies, is showcasing its autonomous vehicle advancements at this year‘s CES.

The French company says it already supplies “the automotive industry’s largest range of sensors”, comprising ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars and LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) systems.

These devices act as the vehicle’s eyes and ears. At CES 2019, Valeo will be unveiling the full scope of its expertise in autonomy and connectivity.

Valeo says innovation is at the heart of its strategy. The company invested €1.9 billion in research and development in 2017, or close to 12 percent of original equipment sales.

valeo autonomous car parking

Valeo says its innovative technologies offer “clear insights into the shape of mobility to come” and are all conducive to the development of electric, autonomous, connected cars that are widely accessible yet adapted to individual needs.

Three of Valeo’s “major innovations” will be on display at CES:

  1. Valeo Drive4U, the autonomous vehicle which will be navigating the streets of Las Vegas fitted solely with series-produced sensors;
  2. Valeo Drive4U Remote, which is used to remotely control autonomous vehicles strictly when needed for safety reasons; and
  3. Valeo Voyage XR, which is able to simulate the virtual presence of a person – based in a fixed location – on board the autonomous vehicle during the journey.

Valeo has conducted a number of “world-first” autonomous driving trial runs, including 24 hours around the Paris beltway and road trips around Europe and the US.

The company says autonomous driving in dense and complex urban environments is “a major technological challenge that Valeo is tackling head-on”.

The Group took to the streets of Paris for a first trial run in autumn 2018 and, later this year, its autonomous car will operate in the streets of Las Vegas.

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