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Mermaid Hannah with Sublue copy

Sublue launches underwater robot prototype for photography


A company called Sublue has launched an underwater robot prototype for photography, while showcasing two other products at CES.

The company highlighted its three new underwater recreational products with a talk from a marine conservationist, Hannah Fraser (main picture), a marine and ocean conservationist, who was on hand to discuss how Sublue products support her work.

Sublue describes its offerings as “intelligent water recreation and exploration products”. 

With an aim of combining technology and fun into underwater exploration, Sublue has developed smart solutions that integrate artificial intelligence, hydromechanics, sealing technologies and ergonomics harmoniously, to encourage those wanting to make a splash to go ahead and get into the water.

sublue Nano copy
The Sublue Nano underwater photography robot

The products Sublue is showcasing at its CES booth are:

Sublue WhiteShark Nano, a “super smart autonomous underwater robot” (pictured above), is an ideal solution for underwater photography and videography.

It uses AI to follow a preset target, whether that is a human diver or marine life, to capture beautiful shots even from a distance.

Its 120° wide-angle 4K camera with two LED lights and seven mini propellers with dedicated dynamic control algorithm provide high-quality images and video footage.

Sublue Seabow is the latest generation underwater scooter that pulls users effortlessly through the water. Winner of a CES 2019 Innovation Award, and with an iconic crossbow design it is a must-have for anyone who loves recreational diving.

Powerful dual motors with three speeds can run up to 6ft per second (1.8 m/s) for 45 minutes. It has two mounting options for cameras, lights or weights.

In order to bring maximum maneuverability for divers, and to offer them an optimum underwater companion, it can be configured into single-handed operation mode.

Sublue WhiteShark Mix, (main picture), the world’s smallest double propeller underwater scooter and winner of the 2018 CES Asia Innovation Award has an innovative detachable floatation-enhancing accessory for buoyancy control, making it the most versatile underwater scooter ever: for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

The dual motors plus dual propellers mean high speeds of up to 5 ft/s (1.5m/s). A built-in action camera mount makes it super easy to capture shake-free footage in the water.

Sublue Swii. This intelligent electronic kickboard enables both adults and kids to have fun in the water regardless of their swimming ability.

The built-in dual motors have a safety cut-off feature, to balance excitement with safety, while the ergonomic and stylish foam design provides comfort and protection. Users can change speeds and customize their Swii with the built-in LED lights.

To send a strong message about the level of trash in our oceans, Hannah Fraser, an underwater performance artist and conservationist, will discuss this issue and how Sublue can help from a water tank filled with trash at the Sublue booth.

She will also present a video of stunning Atlantic scenery and marine life, which was captured with the aid of the Sublue WhiteShark Mix, and may inspire visitors to assist her in ocean preservation and protection.

Fraser will talk to visitors about her conservationist efforts, which are being supported by Sublue.

Fraser says: “Conservation is a hard fight and, to win the war, we need a strong team of individuals and companies like Sublue, who recognise the importance of the world’s aquatic ecosystem and are willing to do something to help save it.

“The WhiteShark Mix is a fantastic way to travel underwater and during my first time using it I was hit by how much more freedom it gave me to explore safely.”

Due to potential water leakage, pressure, corrosion and temperature changes, decompression issues, particles and other risks from underwater elements, submersive drones are not as commonplace as their aerial counterparts.

Sublue products have been through stringent research, development and testing process to ensure they live up to their customer’s high expectations.

Sublue’s booth is located in the drone section of CES at #25317, Ground Level South Halls 2, Tech East, LVCC.