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Infineon and TTTech Auto collaborate for level 4 and 5 automated driving

Semiconductor firm Infineon Technologies AG and TTTech Auto, a leader in safety platforms for automated driving, have just released the second generation of their fully integrated automotive-grade safety solution for automated driving use cases.

It is based on Infineon’s AURIX™ TC397XM microcontroller and TTTech Auto’s MotionWise safety software platform.

It delivers full support and scalability for level 2+ solutions up to the advanced levels 4 and 5 of automated driving. It is said to help customers achieve faster time-to-market, improved software integration and validation thus reducing overall cost.

The first generation of Infineon’s AURIX microcontroller and TTTech Auto’s safety software platform MotionWise are integral part of zFAS, Audi’s centerpiece for piloted driving, that premiered in the Audi A8.

TTTech Auto optimised its series-proven product MotionWise for the new and even more powerful second generation of Infineon’s AURIX microcontroller called TC397XM.

The MotionWise safety software platform and underlying hardware are powerful to match the requirements of up to level 5 automated driving functions.

Residing on an ASIL-D safety hardware, the second generation of the solution is optimized for safety-critical applications. It is offering an increased ISO 26262 ASIL-D computing performance capability, a richer set of peripherals and advanced security measures.

MotionWise enables fail-operational performance, freedom from interference and safety by design with highest ASIL levels for the whole platform.

Each application hosted by MotionWise will run encapsulated from its peers, resulting in a safe environment where applications with different safety and real-time requirements can coexist and interact. This allows for seamless integration of applications.

Both companies gained extensive experience through close collaboration with key automotive industry players in long-term series production projects.

As a key-component in more than 25 car models with production start since 2017, the first generation of this solution creates valuable synergies for series production.

Several customers have already evaluated the second generation of this software/hardware combination and decided to use it in their ADAS series production programs with start of production in 2019.

“The second generation of Infineon’s AURIX microcontrollers was designed to enable highest safety and performance levels as required by the automotive industry,” said Peter Schäfer, Vice President and responsible for Infineon’s Automotive Microcontrollers.

“The safety software platform MotionWise ensures safety by design, highest scalability, seamless integration and deterministic real-time behaviour. When combined, the two products bring tremendous value to our clients accelerating the journey towards highly automated driving”.

“Safety is one of the most critical elements for level 3, 4 and 5 automated driving functions,” said Dr. Stefan Poledna, co-founder and Member of the Executive Board of TTTech Auto.

“Bringing together TTTech Auto’s and Infineon’s deep safety expertise by combining the MotionWise ASIL-D software platform with the next generation AURIX Safety Microcontroller lets clients address the extremely demanding safety topics seamlessly”.