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Omron to launch ‘industry’s first’ 2D dimensioning and visual inspection machine

Omron has launched what it says “the automation industry’s first VT-M121: 2D dimension and visual inspection machine”, which performs simultaneously dimension and visual inspection to detect scratches and cracks on products.

VT-M121 demonstrates the feasible full inspection to meet the required quality standard of the automotive industry in full cooperation with SIIX Corporation that is the nation’s largest provider of EMS and works to improve the production quality of electronics components and to increase their reliability.

Instead of the inspection process of the sampling inspection by operators, VT-M121 enables full inspection automatically in the production line and contributes to achieving “zero defects” in automotive electronics which are required to have high quality and high reliability. 

Along with the progress in the development of automotive technology such as advanced driver-assistance system, self-driving, and electric vehicles, the installation rates of important electrical safety components have been increasing, such as millimeter-wave radar to detect vehicles and pedestrians with wireless connection, the electronics mirror that is mounted as replacement of the current side-view mirror and inside rear-view mirror, and LED headlamps.

However, these high-density and miniaturized automobile electric components require time to conduct visual inspection.

Therefore, their current inspection process is the sampling inspection in each unit. To improve the quality and reliability of these important safety components, full inspection and the automation process are in urgent need.

VT-M121 enables the detection of defects like or even more precisely than the human eye by using the sophisticated image-processing system “FH series” with the illumination pattern of the MDMC Light that can flexibly change the illumination color and the angle.

Thanks to “NJ damping control” that integrates the sequence control and motion control, it can also minimize the camera vibration and realize high-speed and high-accuracy inspection.

By the simultaneous dimension and visual inspection, the machine has reduced the inspection time and improved the dimension and inspection performance with “the repeat accuracy 10 um”.

VT-M121 contributes to the safety and reliability of automobile manufacturing by achieving customers’ “zero defects” through full-scale guarantee and accumulation and management of inspection data in place of on-the-spot inspections.

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