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Mitsubishi Electric to launch CC-Link IE TSN compatible factory automation products

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced that it will launch factory automation products that are compatible with CC-Link IE TSN, the world’s first industrial open network to use time sensitive networking (TSN)* technology.

Products include programmable controllers, industrial PCs, servo amplifiers, GOT human-machine interfaces, inverters, and robots.

CC-Link IE TSN supports TSN technology, which ensures real-time control communication on the manufacturing communications layer, even when integrated with the upper level IT system and mixed with other open networks.

The launch of these new products will further enhance the integrated factory automation solution e-F@ctory by using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and edge-computing, accelerating the realisation of a smart factory solution.

Factory automation with TSN technology for flexible IIoT system architecture

Using TSN technology enables integration of machine control and information communications on one Ethernet cable, allowing a flexible system configuration using standard Ethernet devices.

TSN enables deterministic messaging of control communication requiring real-time control while performing information communication using general Ethernet, easily realizing large-scale industrial network systems.

TSN enables communication with the IT system, without affecting control of the overall production system, to support the establishment of an edge-computing system that cooperates with Edgecross and the IIoT system through seamless communication with the upper IT system.

High-speed, high-accuracy motion control contributes to productivity improvement

High-speed control communication realised with the CC-Link IE TSN protocol further reduces equipment and system cycle time for substantially improved productivity. In addition, high-accuracy motion control improves production quality.
Slave-to-slave communication function realises synchronous communication between slave devices without using a control master. High accuracy synchronous control without dead time is possible.

Easier system configuration realised with proprietary technology

Intuitive engineering tool automatically detects TSN-compatible products on the network, substantially reducing system setup time.

Automatic parameter registration from the master station to slave stations reduces setup time when expanding the system, adding connected devices and when replacing modules, thereby reducing overall maintenance cost.