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Infineon ships ‘world’s first industrial-grade eSIM in miniaturized package’

Infineon has started shipping what it says is “the world’s first industrial-grade embedded SIM in a miniaturized package”.

Infineon’s new chip is than 3mm x 3mm and is designed for a wide range of applications.

Machine-to-machine communication in the internet of things requires reliable data collection and uninterrupted data transmission. 

Infineon says its eSIM in a miniature “Wafer-level Chip-Scale Package” enables engineers to take full advantage of ubiquitous mobile networks.

Manufacturers of industrial machines and equipment ranging from vending machines to remote sensors to asset trackers can optimize the design of their IoT devices without compromising on security and quality, says the company.

“Deploying eSIM brings a number of advantages for a smooth adoption of cellular connectivity into industrial environments,” adds Infineon.

Device manufacturers can increase their design flexibility due to the eSIM’s small footprint, and simplify manufacturing processes as well as global distribution thanks to a single stock-keeping unit.

Customers also have the possibility to change their mobile service provider at any time, for example, if the quality of the network deteriorates or in the event of a better contract from the mobile operator.

However, providing robust quality on a miniature footprint that works even under harshest conditions remains a challenge for silicon providers.

Infineon says it is now “leaping a step ahead in addressing this challenge”. Infineon’s SLM 97 security controller in a Wafer Level Chip-Scale Package measures only 2.5mm x 2.7mm in size, supports an extended temperature range of -40 to 105° Celsius.

It provides a high-end feature set fully compliant with the latest GSMA specifications for eSIM. Robust quality and high endurance for industrial eSIM applications reflect Infineon’s strong focus on high quality and the mindset working towards “zero defect”.

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