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Heidenhain opens new office on US West Coast

Industrial robotic components manufacturer Heidenhain has opened a new office on the West Coast of the US to provide “specialized motion systems” with ETEL, a company which specialises in motion control solutions.

As the Silicon Valley in California and the West Coast continue to be the hub of the semiconductor manufacturing in the US, Heidenhain has expanded its motion systems support by establishing an ETEL facility in Fremont, CA.

This new 2018 office will provide product, service and support of its ETEL motion systems designed specifically for that industry and others. 

The Fremont office is an expansion of Heidenhain’s San Jose, CA, office and provides warehouse space to keep multiple ETEL motion systems on site.

On display currently is an ETEL Vulcano stacked platform motion system, the METIS planar platform, and a demo bench showing ETEL single-axis solutions all operating using ETEL’s AccurET controls.

A cleanroom has been built at this ETEL facility to simulate the expected working environment of its operation, and multiple Service Engineers are on hand to provide real-time support. A conference room space has also been established as a meeting area for visitors.

Daniel Wiseman, Heidenhain motion system sales engineer, says: “The opening of this facility in 2018 has allowed Heidenhain to meet the needs of the high-tech and fast-paced nature of Silicon Valley that often demands immediate response and is yet another example or Heidenhain’s Customer First initiative.

“And actually, area customers of all kinds can now walk-in and see motion systems in person. Plus, we can now provide on-site trouble-shooting more easily when required.”

ETEL is based in Switzerland, and has an exclusive North American distribution through Heidenhain in Schaumburg, Illinois, and San Jose, California.

As a leading international supplier of direct drives, motion control and integrated platforms, ETEL supports high tech industry with linear motors, torque motors, positioning stages, and multi-axis motion controllers/systems.