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Tech Soft 3D enables ‘full 3D CAD access’ for augmented and virtual reality applications

Tech Soft 3D, a provider of software development tools and 3D PDF solutions to the engineering software industry, has introduced augmented and virtual reality support for Hoops Visualize, its graphics engine for developing high-performance applications.

Tech Soft says Hoops Visualize now enables rapid development and deployment of 3D engineering applications on the HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift and Meta 2.

When coupled with the rich access to 3D CAD data through Hoops Exchange, Tech Soft says software companies have a “powerful set of tools to bring their next generation of engineering software to market”. 

Gavin Bridgeman, CTO at Tech Soft 3D, says: “Developers in manufacturing and AEC can now easily create compelling applications using Hoops Visualize and Hoops Exchange and deploy them within immersive VR and AR headsets, as well as mobile AR applications.

“Being able to use Hoops toolkits for one of the most cutting-edge areas of technology shows the flexibility and versatility of our solution. I’m proud of our team for continuing to push the boundaries of engineering software.

“We continue to provide our customers and partners the absolute best tools to easily create rich, interactive and sophisticated engineering applications.”

Solidworks, a long-time partner of Tech Soft 3D, is using Hoops Visualize within eDrawings for mobile. Design teams can see products at full scale so their true size is obvious. Using AR functionality, users can easily place products on the table in front of customers for powerful collaboration and decision making.

Arnav Mukherjee, development director, viewer and experimental technology at Solidworks, says: “Being able to add augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) like the Google Cardboard to eDrawings mobile with a single click helps our customers create compelling presentations and 3D interactions. It easily communicates design intent, constraints and overall improves the collaboration process.

“Because we were already using Hoops Visualize as the graphics engine on iOS and Android, adding these capabilities on these multiple platforms was straightforward and a powerful addition to eDrawings.”

Meta, the creator of immersive AR experiences, is using Hoops Exchange to import CAD models into their proprietary AR headset and help bridge the gap between the virtual and the real.

Cecilia Abadie, director of product management at Meta, says: “Because we were re-inventing the future of AR, we needed a solution that would easily bring rich engineering and architectural data to our environment. This way we could focus on innovation and user experience.

”Hoops Exchange was just the toolkit we were looking for.”

Virtalis, a world-leading advanced visualization company, is also using Hoops Exchange to quickly import over 20 different CAD formats into their Visionary Render and VR4CAD applications.

Virtalis’ applications make it quick and easy for CAD engineers and designers to view, investigate and annotate their CAD models using VR goggles or 3D screens.

Andrew Connell, technology director at Virtalis, says: “As a longtime partner of Tech Soft 3D, we’ve been using Hoops Exchange to bring CAD data into our advanced visualization environment, and the experience has been nothing short of spectacular.

“Using Hoops Exchange has been extremely easy, while also maintaining high fidelity of the data. I can’t imagine using anything else to bring in CAD data into our applications.”