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EZ Robot deploys AI in food manufacturing in China

Incubated by Cogobuy Group’s, China’s leading AI research and hardware development platform for industrial robotics, EZ Robot Inc., has successfully deployed AI food manufacturing machines for Fujian Anjoy Foods Co. Ltd., one of China’s leading food manufacturers.

The AI modules have significantly improved production efficiency, inventory turnover, and equipment utilisation.

EZ Robot, was established in early 2015 to provide a one-stop solution to provide proprietary AI modules for AI-enabled robotics projects.

The company has developed the AI modules for sweeping robots, loading and unloading robots, testing robots, and packaging, and they are serving in PCB assembly equipment (PCBA), food processing equipment, and the cleaning service robot industries. In the future, EZ Robot plans to expand into more industries.

In recent years, with the strong support of national policies, the robotics industry has become a key force for realising the integration of artificial intelligence into the economy.

The China Robotics Industry Development Report 2018 predicts China’s robotics market will reach US$8.74 billion in 2018, of which industrial and service robots account for US$6.23 billion  and US$1.84 billion respectively.

As robotics applications expand beyond traditional manufacturing, so too will AI technology applications extend to include emerging strategic industries such as new energy batteries, high-end equipment, and environment conservation equipment, creating a green-field market.

EZ Robot’s open model for the development of AI for robotics, termed “community diversification for supply chain creation”, is now fully validated in traditional industries and ongoing development will continue to introduce the company’s AI technology to other verticals.

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