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Xyntek unveils collaborative robot case-packing solution

Xyntek Inc. has delivered a turnkey collaborative robot case-packing solution to a customer in time to meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) deadline.

The validated serialisation and aggregation solution integrates state-of-the-art technologies in packaging line automation, real-time controls and material handling, machine vision, and collaborative robotics to address the regulatory and business requirements of a major pharmaceutical company.

The solution, designed, implemented, and validated by Xyntek, handles a wide variety of bottles.

It features the versatile Universal Robot UR-5 collaborative robot and the Antares Tracking System serialisation platform, including an Antares Vision 360-Vision System to automate unit-to-case aggregation.

The line also integrates a bottle topsert applicator with a dedicated vision system to verify correct application. The collaborative robot is equipped with interchangeable end effectors to handle the wide variety of bottle sizes, enabling a 15-minute change over.

Xyntek’s turnkey offering included a GMP documentation set and a Quantitative Risk Analysis to ensure operator safety in the collaborative space.

Mac Hashemian, P.E., CEO of Xyntek explained: “This custom solution was designed and delivered by a dedicated Xyntek team of engineers using best in class technology from our technology partners, Antares Vision and Universal Robots. This solution insured that our client would comply with the DSCSA while maintaining or increasing their pre-serialisation line speed.”