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Denso takes a stake in Infineon Technologies to advance automated driving

Automotive supplier Denso Corporation has taken an unspecified stake in Infineon Technologies AG, one of the top manufacturers of in-vehicle semiconductor products, to accelerate the development of technology to achieve next-generation vehicle systems such as automated driving.

With the investment, Infineon Technologies’ advanced semiconductor technologies will be combined with Denso’s in-vehicle technologies and expertise to accelerate the development of new and emerging mobility solutions.

Due to increased functionality of vehicles and advanced electronic control, the demand for semiconductor products is growing exponentially.

Next-generation vehicle systems required for widespread automated driving, electrification, and connected cars are continuously becoming more sophisticated and require more advanced technology.

To enhance in-vehicle semiconductor product development, Denso has been collaborating with semiconductor manufacturers, like Infineon Technologies, that have expertise in the space.

Founded in 1999, Infineon Technologies creates and manufactures cutting-edge technologies, including microcomputers for control applications, and semiconductor sensors and products for electrified vehicles. The company also has a successful track record in mass production.

Denso’s long-term commitment to mobility, especially in the areas of automated driving, connected cars and electrification, will enhance and accelerate the development of hardware and software-based solutions in the fields of safety and environmental protection.

By partnering with Infineon Technologies and other companies both in and out of the automotive industry, Denso continues to add value to the future of mobility for its customers and for all of society.