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Brain Corp and SoftBank Robotics enter Japan’s commercial cleaning market

Brain Corp, an AI company specialising in the development of self-driving technology for robots, has entered the Japanese robotics market in partnership with SoftBank Robotics Corp.

Together, the two companies will address gaps in Japan’s commercial cleaning workforce with SoftBank Robotics’ robotic floor scrubber, powered by BrainOS.

The first SoftBank Robotics’ product integrated with Brain’s autonomous navigation technology will be the ICE RS26 floor scrubber.

BrainOS, Brain Corp’s AI platform, comes fully integrated with automated driverless technology. Cleaning professionals can program a route after an initial ride then activate driverless floor cleaning with the press of the “Blue Autonomy” button.

The self-driving machine uses multiple sensors to scan its surroundings for people and obstacles. To date, Brain’s autonomous technology safety record rates are the highest within the industry.

Brain Corp partners with original equipment manufacturers to integrate BrainOS into their manually driven machines, allowing for smart, self-driving capabilities.

The first robots with BrainOS technology are autonomous cleaning machines which operate daily in dynamic and complex peopled environments, such as malls, airports, and retail stores.

Brain Operating System, BrainOS, is the foundation of Brain Corp technology. It is a proprietary operating system that integrates off-the-shelf hardware and sensors to provide a “brain” for robots.

BrainOS has computer vision and AI libraries that enable development of smart systems that learn and adapt to people and environments. Its navigation stack provides advanced self-driving capabilities for indoor environments.