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DAB Pumps digitalises with Siemens MOM

Siemens has announced that DAB Pumps has selected the Siemens PLM Software Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) portfolio as part of its digitisation strategy.

Siemens’ MOM portfolio integrates the digital threads of product lifecycle management (PLM) with automation and ERP, breaking down the traditional data silos and allowing a two-way flow of communication.

Through the latest generation of Siemens PLM Software’s MOM solution, DAB Pumps can access Siemens PLM Software’s industry-specific best practices.

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing is the manufacturing execution system (MES) software allowing DAB Pumps to track and monitor each step of the production process and optimise manufacturing operations to meet their clients’ changing needs on time and in quality.

Manufacturing Intelligence and Preactor Advanced Scheduling make processes more efficient through effective resource utilisation and supply demand synchronisation.

Overall, DAB Pumps plans to use Siemens’ MOM portfolio, along with integration in the wider Siemens digital innovation platform, to improve connections between production and business processes, and increase immediate control and visibility of production results, driving a new level of productivity, throughput and quality.

“Digitisation was not a matter of choice for DAB Pumps,” said Sandro Stramare, chief executive officer of DAB Pumps. “We are adapting to what is happening at a worldwide level. DAB Pumps embraced digitisation mainly to create value within our company.

“We believe that digitalising our company increases the creation of value in all company areas, and we believe that digitalisation is not only an epochal change at a worldwide economic level, but it helps companies increase efficiency, and enhances and creates value in the production and sales processes.

“This is the main reason why DAB Pumps strongly believes in digitalisation and is pushing the digitalisation of its processes.”