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Webcast: Interview with Ricardo Tellez, CEO, TheConstructSim

In this presentation and interview, Ricardo Tellez, CEO of TheConstructSim, introduces a new system for creating and sharing ROS projects, which the company has developed. (See video below.)

Called “ROSjects”, the method is said to simplify the process of sharing code for robot simulation.

TheConstructSim is believed to be the only online, browser-based robot simulation application in the world, and is currently used by robot enthusiasts and large, established robot companies alike. 

Based in Spain, the company offers numerous live and online classes to teach ROS to a growing audience of trainees through its Ignite Academy.

With ROSjects, the company is set to grow into a new commercial space, supported by its ROS development Studio.


Undoubtedly a pioneer in the robotics space, Tellez provides a complete introduction to the company he founded, and which is growing exponentially to the point where it is leading the industry into a new, open-source era of robotics development.