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Sunstone Welders launches smart welding systems

Sunstone Welders is launching a whole new line of smart micro resistance welding systems. The Sunstone Capacitive Discharge Dual Pulse Advanced (CDDP-A) welding systems are production ready with feedback, reporting, and full weld head control.

The CDDP-A is equipped with an 8″ full colour touch screen display. The CDDP-A interface provides an easy way for users to adjust production settings, including multiple PLC protocols, cloning options, weld monitoring, and SPC tools. In addition, the welding results are visible on the screen as the weld is completed and results can be exported to any computer.

Capacitive Discharge welding is an ideal solution for micro welding or joining. CD Welding is highly repeatable, can achieve quick energy release for welding highly conductive metals, and is not affected by line voltage fluctuations.