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Groupe PSA holds its third annual Booster Day

60 partners took part in the third annual ‘Booster Day PSA‘, held at the Poissy plant in Greater Paris, which posed 12 technological challenges for the ‘Plant of the Future’.

The partners ranged from suppliers, integrators, start-ups and laboratories to schools, research institutes and public organisations, all of which have a major role to play in shaping the future plant.

The company posed 12 technological challenges and 30 demonstrators were built. Working as a consortium, the partners came up with concrete solutions to the manufacturing challenges posed by the Group.

Solutions included automated quality controls integrated into production flows, the automation of complex tasks, digital management assistance tools and improved supply chain flows.

The aim was to study and select demonstrators and conduct on-site trials in order to develop technological solutions that meet Plant of the Future challenges.

One such solution, presented at last year’s Booster Day PSA and trialled at the Sochaux plant, has now been rolled out to other Group manufacturing facilities. Featuring GPS positioning, it optimises the flow of forklift traffic by analysing routes and locating vehicles in real time.

“Booster Day is now a key date in the calendar for our teams and our partners,” said Yann Vincent, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain for Groupe PSA.

“It allows us to identify solutions to the issues we are facing, and test them quickly in our plants. It’s an exciting, sometimes disruptive experience, so it’s very stimulating for the manufacturing teams.”

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