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SAP strengthens ERP software for manufacturing

SAP says it has strengthened its enterprise resource planning software for manufacturing and other sectors.

The software giant says it is delivering on its “promise to help customers become intelligent enterprises, especially within the manufacturing and professional services industries”.

SAP says its S/4HANA Cloud has already “made great strides” in integrating intelligent capabilities and is now taking “an even bigger step forward with the November release”. 

The company provides examples of how SAP S/4HANA Cloud can help companies.

In a manufacturing scenario, leveraging new warehouse and transportation capabilities, it outlines its software solution as given below, in its words.


A toy manufacturer discovers it has the hottest toy of the upcoming holiday season. The manufacturer is by no means a new company – it’s been ironing out processes for a while now – but has a few manual connections within their core processes, including managing a suddenly-high volume warehouse.

What’s possible…

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud’s warehouse and transportation capabilities, the manufacturer can gain complete visibility into an important piece of its supply chain.

From inbound/receiving processes to outbound/delivery – and everything in between – the manufacturer is aware in real time how much inventory is available and where.

As sales orders come in, a freight unit can be automatically created and sent to a transportation management solution (such as SAP S/4HANA or a third party) for planning. With the resulting plan completed, a delivery confirmation is generated.


Incredible transparency – mixed with automation along a fully-connected supply chain – results in better supply/demand matching, increased order fulfillment and accuracy, more efficient operations, and ultimately, higher profit.

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