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Intelligent Automation: Get insights from MSNBC’s ‘practical futurist’

Organizers of the Intelligent Automation Week Austin event get insights from famous futurist. Here, they provide some highlights…

We sat down with MSNBC’s “The Practical Futurist”, interactive media pioneer, novelist, and journalist Michael Rogers for a better understanding of the impacts of technology on society and business services. 

This interactive interview with Rogers presents an explanation as to why now is the time for AI, the benefits and risks, and the landscape for the future. 

Our interview with Michael Rogers offers a broader explanation of:

  • Fable fears about AI in the workplace
  • Tips for overcoming “cultural resistance” to AI
  • How automated technology innovations will shape the horizon
  • Opportunities to take advantage of to excel your business

Access the interview here:

Michael Rogers will be presenting the keynote address at Intelligent Automation Week Austin “Taking the Fear Out of Man & Machine” where he will dive deep into the impacts, benefits, and risks of AI on business operations and society.

Intelligent automation technologies have caused a digital revolution and are impacting our organizations more than ever.

These highly effective trends have created a new generation of optimized business and improved operations both small and large.

Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to not only improve your enterprise, and create value from within.

The Intelligent Automation Week Austin offers a program with interactive workshops for networking and idea collaborations, inspiring keynotes, and a hands-on learning experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Learn how to upgrade your workforce with knowledge on how to strategize, execute, and manage IA platforms to enhance your enterprise.

Learn more about Rogers involvement here:

Access more of Michael Rogers’ insights in IA Week Austin’s “Meet Our Keynote: Michael Rogers”.