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Comau releases e.DO educational robot in China

Comau has launched its e.DO robot in China. e.DO is the first educational robot in the company’s history designed to help students of different ages learn both STEM and humanities subjects, as well as explore the world of robotics in a more engaging, innovative way.

Yang Guilong, the Deputy Secretary of CPC of the Education Bureau and the President of Education Institute of Songjiang, Shanghai, Kai Wei, Comau China Head of Robotics and Automation Products, and Bie Chao, Comau APAC Head of Marketing, attended the launch at the InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin.

According to the IFR’s (International Federation of Robotics) report, the market volume of educational robots is 610 million RMB with a 21.1% year-on-year growth in 2017.

Due to the supportive policies of the government and other key elements related to the Chinese scenario, the sales volume is projected to rise to 750 million RMB in 2018 and will continue to grow throughout the future.

It’s estimated that the sales volume of educational robots in China will reach 300 billion RMB, making China the world’s largest market.

The Development Planning for the New Generation of Artificial Technology by the State Council on July 20, 2018 clearly points out that AI has become a field for international competition and civil educational programs should be carried out gradually.

The courses about AI should be set up in primary and middle schools; programming education and AI subjects should be promoted gradually to develop compound talents in China.

Releasing its first educational robot – e.DO, Comau says it is demonstrating its advanced R&D and innovation capabilities and market foresight, at the same time, it is supporting the objective of developing the country through science and education.

Unlike the industrial robots that Comau traditionally develops, e.DO is an intelligent educational robot based on an open-source software and hardware, which can be applied in various fields like education, science research, home and professional use.

Its modular, flexible structure enables students, teachers, pioneers, tech enthusiasts, developers and novice users to enjoy building the robot.

e.DO is aimed at improving students’ class participation and providing them with the most frontier technologies in the field of educational robotics.

With educational robots and all kinds of learning software and apps, students develop the ability to innovate and programming skills to enhance their learning through play and study.

Moreover, Comau is actively working with educators and software developers to create e.DO lesson plans, which teachers can use to help students develop specific competencies on many topics (such as math, AI, coding, etc.).

A two-way interaction can be achieved between students and e.DO. For example, students can control the robot to learn and verify arithmetic operations.

On top of all of this, e.DO users can use their imaginations to reconfigure and build their own robots; they can design their own apps or applications, share their experiences and code within e.DO’s community.

Mr. Kai Wei stated: “The e.DO educational robot represents Comau’s concrete answer to the development of educational robots in China. Education will have also more fun thanks to e.DO.”