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BISTel partners with Siemens on MindSphere applications for predictive maintenance

BISTeL, a provider of adaptive intelligent (AI) applications for smart manufacturing, has joined the MindSphere Partner Program, Siemens’ partner program for Industrial IoT solution and technology providers.

BISTel applications are expected to be available on the MindSphere platform Q1 2019.

The company has an advanced data analytics platform, eDatalzyer, and a real-time, health monitoring and predictive maintenance (HMP) solution, which will connect with the MindSphere cloud-based, open Industrial IoT platform.

Opportunities for enhanced business value include access to the latest industrial IoT technology and access to industry leading manufacturing applications for smart manufacturing, engineering productivity, operational efficiency, and quality and yield.

Smart Manufacturing (also referred to as Industry 4.0), is event driven, enabling issues to be addressed before they occur, and machines taken offline only when it is absolutely necessary.

According to W.K. Choi, CEO, BISTel: “BISTel’s real-time monitoring, fault detection, data analysis and predictive maintenance applications on the MindSphere platform enable customers to quickly turn manufacturing data into actionable intelligence that improves business performance and creates significant efficiencies across their manufacturing organisations.”

“BISTel is capable of delivering tremendous value in engineering and automation applications for smart manufacturing,” said Paul Kaeley, senior vice president, global partner ecosystem at Siemens PLM Software.

“With BISTel as a partner in the MindSphere ecosystem, customers now have more strong options to solve operational challenges with advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance.”