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Dr Koh Poh Koon officiates at Singapore International Robo Expo

Earlier today, Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, officiated at the opening of Singapore International Robo Expo 2018.

Dr Koh announced that the Building and Construction Authority has developed the Built Environment Robotics Research and Development Programme that focuses on three key areas of research, development and deployment. 

Specifically, these areas are:

  1. automated construction manufacturing facilities;
  2. on-site assembly; and
  3. smart and sustainable assets which include civil engineering works and facilities management.

The programme’s first Open Grant Call was launched today to generate innovations, create new opportunities for collaboration, encourage investments in research and innovation, and contribute to the transformation of the Built Environment sector.

singapore international robot expo
Dr Koh meeting LeoBot Scrub, the first Singapore-developed cleaning robot for mass-export worldwide. It was commercially launched at SIRE 2018 by Lionsbot, an associate company of leading Singapore professional cleaning equipment and chemicals supplier SuperSteam.

Dr Koh also witnessed the signing of an agreement between SIAA and ITE to collaborate in the development of industry-relevant Certificates and Certificates of Competency in the areas of robotics, internet of things, automation engineering and artificial intelligence for ITE graduates.

singapore international expo
Dr Koh observing the Tarantula drain inspection robot changing its shape to navigate obstacles in its environment. Explaining the concept of shape-shifting robots to Dr Koh is Asst Prof Mohan Rajesh Elara, lead investigator from the robotics lab at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, a leading R&D centre for the development of transformative robot technology.

SIAA member companies will also provide internship places for ITE students.

A second agreement was also signed at SIRE 2018 between SIAA and the Korea Association of Robot Industry to establish a strategic alliance to explore opportunities for collaboration between Singaporean and Korean companies and robotics interests.

KAR represents 160 member companies, research laboratories, institutions, government-affiliated organizations in South Korea.

Main picture: Dr Koh views robotics and automation technologies and is briefed by Nicholas Yeo (middle), technical director of A*Star’s Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre, at the ROS-Industrial Consortium APAC booth. The consortium is led by A*Star and supported by EDB and SSG.