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MSNBC’s Michael Rogers to join Intelligent Automation Week Austin

Intelligent Automation Week Austin has announced Michael Rogers from MSNBC as its keynote speaker.

His address, titled “Taking the Fear out of Man and Machine”, will discuss how new technology is impacting the workforce and the employee change management initiatives that should be developed in order to avoid any fear or disruption.

Rogers’ address will take place on main conference day one, December 4th, at 9am. 

Michael Rogers is one of the nation’s top experts in the technology and its growing impact on business and society. He currently holds the spot as “Futurist-in-Residence” for The New York Times Company, as well as being a pioneer in interactive media, a novelist and journalist.

To add to this list, Michael is also a popular columnist for MSNBC, with his column named “The Practical Futurist”.

Prior to the conference, Michael Rogers sat down with the Intelligent Automation Week Austin team to discuss his viewpoints on technology’s place in today’s workforce.

He discussed why AI is more prevalent than ever, how to overcome cultural resistance that may arise during implementation, the fear of bots, and AI bias.

His interview can be found on the website for Intelligent Automation Week Austin.

Intelligent Automation Week Austin will provide sessions beyond preparing your workforce for these innovations.

There will be dedicated sessions for organizations in various stages of their automation journey; for those just starting out, there will be sessions focusing on planning and implementing and for those in a mature stage, you can learn how to advance your current strategy.

IA Week Austin also has sessions for all industries and functionalities to who are using intelligent automation in their organization.

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