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Magna acquires Haptronik to advance ‘touch control’ features in cars

Drivers and passengers will enjoy a more intuitive experience thanks to technology which relies on motion and the sense of touch inside and outside of the car.

To continue developing these advanced technologies for the automotive market, Magna has signed a deal to acquire Haptronik GmbH, further investing in advanced motion-control software and adding to Magna’s mechatronics products.

Haptronik is a technology company that specialises in software to control the motion of mechatronic products. Based in Dresden, Germany, the company develops algorithms that enhance motion control and the touch and feel of power systems such as doors and liftgates.

“This acquisition is about access to the vehicle and the experience we want people to have – both today and in the future, as the new mobility ecosystem continues to evolve,” said John O’Hara, President of Mechatronics, Mirrors and Lighting.

“The Haptronik team are experts in this field and will help Magna further strengthen our position as the go-to supplier for mechatronics products.”

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