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1 million visitors and counting has received 1 million unique visitors since we started counting just over two years ago. That’s about half a million visitors a year. 

Those are modest figures compared with big websites, but we’re very pleased because we started with no visitors at all a couple of years ago, and would like to thank our readers for helping us reach this milestone.

Our readership continues to grow at a very fast rate, and we hope more of you will decide to support us financially through paid subscriptions and advertising.

We’ve made it through another difficult financial year, and with your continuing support, look forward to struggling through 2019.

A lot of our readers appreciate our ongoing coverage of the global robotics and automation industry, as well as related sectors.

But we still need more of you to become paying subscribers and advertisers so we can continue to pay our journalists and staff, as well as perhaps growing next year.

We understand that if you stopped supporting us, we’d basically disappear.

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