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US Circular Wave Drive completes Hong Kong accelerator program

Circular Wave Drive (CWD), a technology company that manufactures compact speed-reducing gears for robotics and applications, has completed the SIASUN x HKSTP Robotics Accelerator Program in Hong Kong, China.

The program teaches overseas startups how to thrive in Asia’s startup ecosystem and markets. CWD was the only United States-based company to have been admitted into the program this September; only five companies were accepted overall.

Following its participation in the program, CWD was invited by HKSTP to open its initial offices there this month.

Flavio Lobato, CEO of CWD and founder and principal of Ikove Venture Partners, said: “Involvement in this prestigious program will expand our company’s growth in the robotics industry, specifically in Asian markets, and is vital to nurture and expand our relationships in China.”

CWD’s involvement in SIASUN x HKSTP Robotics Accelerator Program follows the company’s expansion to Hong Kong. Being located at the Hong Kong Science Park will align with CWD’s innovative approach and further advance the company’s speed-reducing technology.

The company also announced its new VP of Engineering, Dr. Shan Guan. Dr. Guan has over 14 years of experience in manufacturing and robotics, has published over 50 papers and been awarded more than 10 patents.

His focus will be on managing the design for manufacturing (DFM) process as well as being a leader and resource for key technical hires that will be based in Hong Kong.

“DFM is an essential component for early-stage companies to quickly pivot to avoid potential problems and remain at the forefront of tech innovation,“ said Dr. Guan.

“I look forward to leveraging my industry knowledge and expertise at CWD to further support the company’s expansion in Asian markets.”