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Schindler debuts robotic system for lifts

Schindler has announced the debut of its Robotics Installation System for Elevators (R.I.S.E), which it claims will pave the way for greater automation and digitalisation in the lift/elevator industry.

With its autonomous and self-climbing robot, this prototype solution allows the safe and high-quality installation of lifts, and is ideally suited for use in high-rise buildings.

The innovative technology was recently used to install several elevators in commercial complexes and tall residential buildings in Europe.

R.I.S.E has been developed to eliminate the repetitive, physically demanding work of drilling multiple holes in concrete walls, to set anchor bolts that give greater precision when installing guide rails and to reduce safety risks significantly in demanding working conditions.

Schindler is a pioneer in lift technology with a long tradition of developing innovative mobility solutions, including the first-ever patent for elevators without a machine room.

“We are proud to introduce this innovative robotics system which provides a new level of worker safety and helps to improve quality,” said Karl-Heinz Bauer, Chief Technology Officer, Schindler Group. “This is another example of Schindler’s commitment to providing digital and urban mobility solutions to shape smart cities of the future.”

Schindler and the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) have signed a two-year partnership agreement, focusing on research into robotics and automation processes in the construction of tall buildings. CTBUH is a non-profit organisation that facilitates the exchange of knowledge on tall buildings.

The research will enable academic and industry experts to explore together with Schindler researchers the application of robotic technologies – used in R.I.S.E – to enhance the quality and speed of construction while maintaining safety on sites.

R.I.S.E is on display at the CTBUH 2018 conference in Dubai from October 21- 25, 2018, along with several of Schindler’s innovative offerings that bring mobility solutions to urban cities.