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KEB America launches washdown servo motors for industrial applications

KEB America announces the release of the new Steel IT epoxy coating for servo motors. The new product offering is now available for the North American market.

When motors are used in applications that are exposed to moisture and chemicals – such as food and beverage processing – they require special design considerations to ensure they will withstand the environment.

The new Steel IT epoxy coating option from KEB America provides a washdown servo motor with many of the benefits of a stainless steel motor, but at a fraction of the cost, says the company.

KEB DL3 Servo Motors provide dynamic control for positioning and cycling tasks. With excellent torque density and a range of options for voltage and power, they can easily fit into many industrial applications.

The motors are CE and cUL certified, built to IP65 environmental protection standards (IP64 at shaft seal) and have lifetime lubrication.

With the addition of the new Steel IT coating, the motors are able to withstand exposure to caustic solutions and washdown procedures, much like a full stainless steel motor. This makes KEB Servo Motors an economical and cost-effective choice for machine builders and integrators.

Other options for KEB Servo Motors include a range of available encoder types, holding brakes, or fail-safe braking. Planetary gearheads from KEB are a great compliment to the DL3 Servo Motor, particularly for applications that require precise positioning and maximum efficiency.

The S6 Servo Drive completes the system, making it easy to integrate precise motion control into a new or existing automated process.

Additional motion control components are available from KEB including robotic-grade encoder cables, modular gearboxes in a variety of configurations and gearing types, and software for maintenance and commissioning.