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Logistics firm launches route optimisation solutions to US and Canada

Locus, a decision-making platform in the supply chain that automates human decisions required to transport a package or a person, has launched operations in North America.

The company’s premier logistics optimisation solutions that include route optimisation, real-time tracking of orders, insights and analytics, optimised permanent journey plans, and automated shipment sorting, are now being introduced in both the U.S. and Canada.

Locus addresses a myriad of logistics and supply chain issues that result in shipping delays, including tracking errors, human errors, and problems with driver and vehicle appropriation.

These issues tend to be even more prevalent around the holiday season with a greater influx of ordered shipments across all industries.

Locus, which has achieved a peak of 1 million orders processed in a day and is trained & tested on over 100 million+ order deliveries, works in 75 cities across the globe.

The company offers the following features in its products and solutions: AI for route optimisation – automated route planning that considers multiple real-life constraints and distribution models;

Locus proprietary geocoding engine – distils and converts even the most ambiguous of addresses into precise geographic coordinates to create optimal route plans;

Proprietary vehicle allocation engine – automated recommendation on the best-suited vehicle based on traffic, shipment volume, shipment type, vehicle type, stop durations, delivery times and more;

Smart order allocation – allotment based on order priority, historical data, rider’s skills, and multiple on-ground constraints like traffic, time of the day etc. including provisions for products that can’t be transported together.

Rider preference consideration – preferences from existing riders are taken into account to smooth out the automation of routing process.

“Our company is looking forward to introducing North America to our cutting-edge solutions that are battle tested in solving complex logistics problems globally for our 40+ clients” states Locus CEO, Nishith Rastogi.

“We use deep learning and proprietary algorithms to automate every mile of the supply chain to increase efficiency in delivery for a variety of sectors while reducing significant costs for our customers.”

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