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Business transformation: All change for big business

The first of a series of articles which looks into issues such as business transformation, digitalization, and robotic process automation – in partnership with Opex Week

The 20th Opex Week event will take place from January 21st to 25th at the Omni Orlando, in Florida.

A lot’s changed over the past two decades, and this is a time which, by many experts’ accounts, is the most critical juncture in the life of many businesses, particularly large companies which became multinational conglomerates in what could be described as a bygone era.

The word multinational may have become passé since the internet took over the world, but even today, a company like General Electric is thought of as a global giant, which indeed it is. 

However, the opportunities presented by digitalization have seen GE invest billions of dollars into business transformation but the challenges have resulted in the company looking to bail out.

GE has been selling off parts of its business to the highest bidder in a variety of different sectors.

GE is too big and complex a business to generalize about too much, and it would be quite interesting to look into the details of its current situation, but certainly it comes down to the numbers.

In other words, the numbers showed that the operating expenses were too high and something had to be done.

We may take a closer look at some aspects of GE’s business to illustrate some facts that may interest professionals who would be interested in events such as Opex Week, but we’ve already written something about it in previous articles.

Subtitled as “Business Transformation World Summit”, Opex Week will no doubt see at least some delegates discuss companies like GE.

IQPC, the company which organizes the Opex Week summits, of which there is more than one around the world, says it recently conducted a survey about important trends for next year.

According to a survey of professionals attending Opex Week, the most debated topics in business transformation in 2019 will be:

  • rethinking value creation through business transformation to stay ahead of the speed of change;
  • combining lean methodologies with design thinking, robotics and analytics to maximize business impact;
  • developing a human-based leadership for long-term growth and performance;
  • driving digital transformation through cutting-edge advancements in business process management, analytics, robotics and artificial intelligence; and
  • revolutionizing customer experience through process re-design, co-creation and digital transformation. 

More than 150 speakers from the world’s largest companies will be providing insights into what is a dynamic and difficult field.

Organizers say Opex Week offers an “unparalleled opportunity to learn everything you need to accelerate your business transformation through process, people, technology and customer excellence”.

Opex Week: Business Transformation World Summit. January 21-25, 2019. Omni Orlando, Championsgate, Florida, USA.