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ABB launches new robotic systems for food and beverage industry at PackExpo

ABB is launching a new “Food & Beverage Assessment Portfolio” at the Pack Expo event, which is taking place now in Chicago, USA. 

The company says the robotic systems it is showcasing are aimed at helping food and beverage manufacturers improve processes and reduce production costs by giving them a better understanding of their plant, from power to automation to digital readiness.

ABB says it will highlight its “assessment services and expertise” in booth N-4930 at the event. 

ABB’s food and beverage assessments are customized to individual plants but center around a plant’s readiness and utilization of three key factors: power, automation and digitalization.

ABB experts conduct a comprehensive plant assessment on relevant processes, including water consumption, power generation, energy efficiency, power quality and electrification.

Picking and packing muffins at Tecnopack in Italy
ABB robot picking and packing muffins at Tecnopack in Italy

ABB also offers a digital maturity assessment to help customers evaluate their digital infrastructure and readiness to take advantage of ABB Ability solutions.

Results are then analyzed and a report is produced, allowing an improvement plan to be scheduled and implemented.

Todd Gilliam, ABB US food and beverage segment leader, says: “The new assessment portfolio provides companies with the ideal opportunity to combat some of the most common industry challenges.

“Whether companies are experiencing power quality issues or looking to increase productivity and reduce costs, the new range of assessments will support them in finding the best solution for their business needs.

”ABB will help organizations complete assessments that range from safety and ergonomic aspects and electrical distribution systems, to on-site harmonics and a complete and comprehensive plant and factory assessment.”

ABB robot palletizing food
ABB robot palletizing food

In food and beverage manufacturing, maintenance is often the largest single controllable expenditure. For many businesses, the cost of unnecessary maintenance is the same as total plant profit loss for one day of no production.

ABB’s food and beverage assessment portfolio aims to give manufacturers a better understanding of how to improve production and operational performance.