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Robotiq’s Insights software updated to give remote access to the robot cell

Robotiq has launched Remote Access on its Insights monitoring software to bring technical support to the next level for Universal Robots.

Application experts can now access the teach pendant and video streams from the robot cell. They get all the live information needed to troubleshoot the application and (re)start production faster.

Robotiq CEO Samuel Bouchard said: “Remote Access is a precious ally to operators who are new to collaborative robots.

“Anytime they have a question, they can talk to an application expert and give access to their robot’s data. The application expert is able to recommend fixes or tweak the robot program in order to remove blockers.”

Remote Access adds up to the numerous useful robot monitoring features provided by Robotiq’s Insights, such as real-time alerts, custom KPIs and production reports. By connecting their robots to Insights, Universal Robots users can minimise downtime, monitor their production and optimise their process, says the company.

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