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Forpheus, which Omron says is the world’s first robot table tennis tutor

Omron releases AI predictive maintenance library 

Omron Corporation is launching its AI Predictive Maintenance Library on 16 October, its first Sysmac Library for theArtificial Intelligence Machine Automation Controller, which it claims is the first in the industry.

The AI Controller fuses control functions of manufacturing lines and equipment and AI processing functions at manufacturing sites in real time.

Using the AI Controller and AI Predictive Maintenance Library, the company provides maintenance services at the best time, instead of recovery services from a sudden stop and/or periodic maintenance by skilled workers.

AI Predictive Maintenance Library provides significant patterns to achieve predictive maintenance as software functional components.

The combination of the Time Series Database Function, which collects and accumulates time series data synchronised with the control cycle at high speed, and the AI Engine, which detects “strange behaviour” of equipment at high speed and accuracy based on the data, attains predictive maintenance in a short time.

Omron will successively release AI Machine Optimisation Library, which gives equipment that maximises performance, and AI Quality-Yield Improvement Library, which achieves zero-defect equipment, following on AI Predictive Maintenance Library.