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Sequent Microsystems launches new Raspberry Pi card for industrial automation

Sequent Microsystems, a tech startup from Cupertino, California, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new industrial expansion card for the Raspberry Pi platform.

The company says the I/O card is “loaded with inputs, outputs, and relays, the card challenges the traditional industrial automation market in features and cost”.

According to the Kickstarter page, the card attempts to integrate as many Industrial Automation functions as possible into the small, credit card format of the Raspberry Pi. 

Shipment of these cards is expected by January 2019.

Mihai Beffa, Sequent’s CEO, says: “Industrial Automation sensors and actuators use 4-20mA current loops, 0-10V levels and optically isolated I/O’s. Traditional controllers have limited resources and cost hundreds of dollars.

“MegaIO-IND card brings to the Industrial Automation world a compact, low cost and expandable solution packed with features.”

The MegaIO-IND card’s features include:

  • Optically Isolated 4-20mA Inputs and Outputs;
  • 0-10V Inputs and Outputs;
  • Optically Isolated Digital Inputs and Open Drain Outputs;
  • Optically and Galvanically Isolated 10A/250V Relays with status LED’s;
  • Standard Communication Ports;
  • Configurable Interrupts; and
  • Real Time Clock with Battery Backup.

The MegaIO-IND can be ordered with screw-type terminal blocks, as shown in the picture below, or upgraded for a small extra charge to pluggable connectors.

Pluggable connectors offer a convenient way of removing the cards after field installation, for repairs or upgrades.