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Kuka to partner with Canadian university to ‘advance robotics knowledge’

Partnership to focus on industrial applications of the latest Industry 4.0 robotics systems

Humber College and Kuka Canada are entering into a five-year partnership agreement focused on bringing the latest robotics technology to Humber and working together on robotics systems integration applications.

Kuka Canada will make significant investments in robotic equipment, advanced software and contribute to curriculum development for Humber, with financial contributions each year for five years.

Humber will receive two Industry 4.0 ready collaborative robots as part of the partnership. These will complement the college’s extensive collection of robotic technology and will be housed within Humber’s Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation, the college’s hub for bringing industry and education together. 

In addition, Humber will also have access to Kuka Canada virtual reality and simulation technology that will assist small- and medium-sized enterprises developing applications requiring vision or conveyor tracking technology.

Chris Whitaker, president and CEO, Humber College, says: “Our students and faculty will benefit from Kuka’s expertise while learning on the latest robotic technologies within the Barrett CTI.

“This collaboration exemplifies how our polytechnic model of education connect faculty and students with industry to solve real-world business challenges through the latest technologies.”

Over five years, Kuka will participate in applied research projects as well as provide awards and scholarships for students, named the Kuka Awards.

Kuka will also work with the college to develop education to employment pathways and recruitment opportunities for Humber students and graduates and become part of the Industry 4.0 consortia that Humber is forming.

Ed Manera, vice president of sales for Kuka Canada, says: “Kuka knows that Industry 4.0 and digitization is a rapidly growing area, and we’re working towards a future in which humans and machines work together safely and efficiently.

“Partnering with Humber is an example of our progressive thinking and aggressive approach to innovation. This year, Kuka is celebrating its 120-year anniversary and we’re continually reinventing ourselves for the future of intelligent automation.

“We’re excited to work with students and faculty to help find next-generation solutions, so we can continue to serve our industry and customers in ways that exceed their expectations.”