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Sumitomo buys stake in 3D-printing firm Sintavia

Sumitomo Corporation, via Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, has invested in Sintavia, LLC , a company with metallic material 3D-printing (additive fabrication) technology.

Research and development of 3D-printing technology has been under way since the 1980s, and this technology has been applied to a variety of uses, especially with resin materials.

This technology has made it possible to manufacture metallic materials into complex configurations unattainable with conventional manufacturing methods.

Numerous industries are expected to introduce 3D-printing in the hopes of reducing development time for components, decreasing inventory, and slashing logistics/storage costs.

Sintavia is a company with metallic material 3D-printing technology whose strengths lie in the aerospace and oil & gas markets.

The 3D-printing and all other processes involved – including product design, powder sampling, machine processing, thermal treatment, and quality inspection – can be carried out entirely in-house.

The company has earned NADCAP certification, an international certification for the aerospace industry requiring extremely robust quality control functions, as well as AS9100, ISO 17025 and ANAB certifications, all evidencing the company’s adept quality control capabilities.

Components manufactured using such manufacturing/quality control capabilities as advanced 3D-printing manufacturing/design technology, incidental machine processing, thermal treatment and quality assurance are being provided to the aerospace industry as well as a broad range of other industries.

By investing in Sintavia, the Sumitomo Corporation Group will be leveraging the technical capabilities of Sintavia, a metallic material 3D-printed product manufacturer anticipating global growth in future, to provide even greater value to the customer base it has developed in the international/domestic aerospace and oil & gas industries.

To its customers in the aerospace industry both in Japan and abroad, the Sumitomo Corporation Group will be offering 3D-printed products, while to those in the oil & gas market it will be using 3D-printing for some of the products handled by its American subsidiary Howco.

In future, the Sumitomo Corporation Group will contribute to industrial development worldwide in line with social needs by investing in companies possessing innovative technology.