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Renault unveils EZ-Pro robo-vehicle

Renault has demonstrated its vision of autonomous logistics of the future. The company has unveiled “EZ-Pro”, which it describes as a “a robo-vehicle concept for last mile urban delivery that includes a concierge, in a robo-vehicle scenario with human touch”.

In a world where fast-paced urbanisation means that more than 60% or 70% of the population, depending on the region, will live in towns and cities by 2030, moving people is not the only task that needs to be rethought.

A new era is also beginning for transporting goods: rapidity, flexibility and reliability are the watchwords of the new requirements for consumers at a time that is also seeing a rapid rise in online purchasing.

Groupe Renault says tomorrow’s mobility will be electric, connected, autonomous and shared. This includes the delivery of goods, and in particular, “the last mile”.

The company says that the urban last mile delivery sector is one of the most important areas to disrupt in order to create a future that is clean, free of unneeded congestion, and efficient.

Commercial delivery needs to be flexible, and use platforms that can be used either in B2B and B2C scenarios, with end users choosing precisely where, when and how to have goods delivered. Also, says the firm, the future of last-mile delivery must still have the human touch – an essential link in the delivery chain.