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HRG Robotics to develop logistics robots with Ground Inc

HIT Robot Group one of China’s leading robot manufacturers, has been showcasing more than 20 industrial robots at the 20th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai, a major event for industrial equipment manufacturers in China.

Among the systems on show were “logistics robots”, says HRG.

According to the 2018 Analysis Report On the Robotics Industry In China which analyzed the latest trends and challenges of the robotics industry, China has a booming industrial robot industry with a growing demand for automated logistics solutions.

In 2017, the total volume of logistics robots sold was about 12,900 units, representing 103 percent year-on-year growth. E-commerce giants such as, Alibaba, and Suning have adopted logistics robots to meet their needs of warehousing and distribution. 

Yu Zhenzhong, senior vice-president of HIT Robot Group, says: “Demand for workers in warehouses changes with the alternating peak and off-peak seasons in e-commerce. Our robots solve this problem with lower operating costs and higher efficiency.

“Also, international cooperation is important when it comes to building a well-organized global robotics industrial chain. We hope to collaborate with more players in the industry as we generate new ideas for cutting-edge technologies.”

Positioned as a “Golden Partner” for companies looking for automation solutions, and to meet the industry’s demand for logistics robots, HRG Robotics displayed its signature logistics robot Bee Robot and relevant logistics solutions at the Fair.

The company has recently inked a partnership deal with the Japanese logistics and distribution provider Ground Inc.

In the collaboration, the two companies are jointly building a logistics platform for “Intelligent Logistics Centers”, which are next-generation logistics facilities that realize intelligent logistics powered by data analysis and AI technology.

Powered by the image recognition technology, the Bee Robot, which the Company is showcasing at the Fair, can navigate the pathways in between shelves, select the most efficient route, avoid obstacles, and pick and stack goods on shelves – all autonomously.

Also, the robots can work for eight hours non-stop and can find charging stations automatically when their batteries are running low.

In addition to its logistics robots, HRG Robotics also brought other products and services to the Fair.

Highlights included:

Moly Wire Multi-cut Machine: A machine designed to fit Moly Wire. It has an advanced body and comes equipped with a tool holder to ensure stable electrical control and high precision.

T5 Collaborative Robot – A safe and flexible six-axis collaborative robot that can be used to handle, sort, assemble, paint and inspect products on flexible production lines across various industries, such as medicine, education, scientific research, and entertainment, among others.

Industrial Robot Skill Assessment Training Platform: A training station for studying robotic carrying, welding, and laser engraving, it comes equipped with a compact industrial six-axis robot with automation equipment and standardized industrial application education modules. The Group has also launched both online and offline integrated services, enabling learners to get the most out of the apps and their hands-on practice, marking a step forward for the Group in its advancement of nurturing robotic talent.

Multi-channel quantum measurement and control system: The system, developed by Origin Quantum for solid-state quantum chips, can accommodate and process the input and output of all complex analogue signals generated by quantum chips.

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