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ABB prepares for home automation boom

With the home automation market predicted to exceed $115 billion by 2026, ABB recently showcased its innovations in digitalisation, safety and security, and interoperability.

The home automation market is set to experience a predicted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 6 percent between 2017 and 2026, driven by immense interest in energy efficiency as well as the digital control of home lighting, security and other consumer systems.

At IFA 2018, the company showcased its ABB Ability™ portfolio of connected and software-enabled solutions for the smarter home and mobility segments, which span the entire value chain, from the point-of-power generation to socket.

Tarak Mehta, President, Electrification Products division at ABB said: “ABB has been pioneering progress in building automation for more than 25 years, having launched more than 1,000 new products in the last five years alone.

“As we look forward five years, the face of home automation is set to undergo a significant shift, with the number of smart homes set to reach 10 percent of all properties by 2025 and a rising demand for energy self-reliance from homeowners.”

Set to transform the smarter home segment are trends such as voice control, digitisation and artificial intelligence, which are increasingly connecting products and markets.

With innovations from ABB, homeowners can control every element of their property – from lighting to heating, air conditioning, door communication and indoor ‘scenes’ – at the touch of a button.

ABB selected IFA 2018 to unveil a further extension to its MyBuildings portal, a secure online platform powered by ABB Ability™.

By partnering with mozaiq, an ecosystem connecting consumer devices and services, Miele and Bosch (Home Connect) home appliances can be easily integrated now and controlled via the ABB-free@home system.

Meeting the demands of the growing generation of ‘prosumers’, who want to both control and customise their home environment, ABB-free@home has undergone continued development over the last four years, with the launch of a wireless option in 2016 and the integration of Amazon Alexa and Sonos in 2017.

The solution enables homeowners to harness and store their own energy from the sun with the new REACT 2 solar inverter, manage their power consumption within the home through ABB-free@home and even sustainably power an electric vehicle through ABB’s new AC charger, EVLunic, with the emissions free electricity they have generated.