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Sisu and Sixense launch ‘high-speed’ robot programming solution using virtual reality

Sixense, a provider of immersive computing solutions for enterprises, and Sisu, a creator of industrial robot systems, are partnering to offer Sisu’s Vudu system for industrial robot programming.

Sixense’s advanced motion-tracking has enabled Sisu to launch their most intuitive system yet, reducing programming time from days or hours to just minutes, according to the company.

Sixense’s motion tracking solution pairs perfectly with Sisu’s Vudu system by providing highly accurate tracking data to enable extremely precise control for programming industrial robots and machinery. 

Unlike many industrial motion tracking applications, Sixense’s technology is not subject to ambient light interference and occlusion, making for a more seamless control experience in industrial environments where light levels and physical location may not be ideal.

Russell Aldridge, co-founder and CEO of Sisu, says: “In the past, conditions on factory and shop floors have made it nearly impossible to deploy advanced motion capture technology that is essential for enabling easy programming of industrial robots.

“With Sixense’s motion tracking technology, we are able to bypass these issues, paving the way for countless organizations to increase their efficiency through precision automation.”

Sisu’s Vudu System makes industrial robot programming easier than ever before, by deploying Sixense’s motion tracking solution, the system’s controller is able to translate and rotate the end effector in six degrees of freedom.

The handheld controller is paired with a tablet to enable ease of editing and viewing of the program, adjusting points, saving programs, defining speeds, changing move types, activating grippers, adding programming blocks, and defining acceleration.

The Vudu System dramatically decreases the time and complexity of programming, opening the path to automation for thousands of new applications.

Amir Rubin, CEO of Sixense, says: “We are very excited to be Sisu’s motion tracking solution choice for their revolutionary Vudu System.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sisu to make the Vudu System the leading solution for robotics programming by enabling easy and intuitive programming of robots anywhere, in real time.”

The Vudu system is highly intuitive, allowing one to control articulation speed by increasing or decreasing pressure on the controller trigger.

The joystick can be used for fine adjustment with the frame of reference constantly adjusting to the position of the user.

Positions can be recorded as point-to-point moves, or as part of a spline.

Users can switch between the standard Global Reference Frame and the Tool Reference Frame, enabling movement in the same direction as the end effector, an important feature for assembly or machine-tending.