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Denso takes a stake in Tohoku Pioneer EG

Denso Corporation has agreed to take a stake in Tohoku Pioneer EG Corporation, which is involved in the factory automation business and is owned by Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation.

The company highlights that manufacturing industry is at a turning point due to the shrinking workforce and ageing population, with various initiatives being taken to promote industrial change, such as Connected Industries in Japan and Industrie 4.0 in Germany.

Against this backdrop, Denso set the goal of developing optimal solutions for factory automation systems in its Long-term Plan 2025 formulated in 2017.

Specifically, Denso will offer factory automation system solutions that combine automation processes using robots with IoT-based kaizen support by leveraging its expertise in process design and worksite management, refined through many years of manufacturing automotive components.

As a system integrator of various automated production equipment, Tohoku Pioneer EG has supplied advanced custom-made factory automation production systems for customers, including Denso, in various industries such as the automotive, electrical/electronic equipment, medical, food, semiconductor, and IT industries.

Denso’s track record of introducing automation systems at 130 plants globally has an affinity with Tohoku Pioneer EG’s experience in offering factory automation production systems.

By taking a stake in Tohoku Pioneer EG, Denso will be able to offer optimal streamlined factory automation system solutions.